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Below you can find information about general DIY projects.

Rust removal / remover / solvent


Organic rust removers


A good and well-known organic rust remover is bio-rust. It is used by professionals, but they also deliver to the consumer. The object to be cleaned has to be immersed in the liquid, to have it reach the most difficult spots. It affects only aluminum and not plastic according to the manufacturer.

Onion juice

Small objects such as knives and other cutlery can be cleaned with fresh onion juice.

Cleaning Vinegar

Let it absorb for some time by placing it in the cleaning vinegar and the slight rust spots disappear.

Innosoft B570

Recently, a new organic rust remover came on the market. This concerns the product Innosoft B570. It works quickly and effectively and is no danger to humans and the environment according to the manufacturer.

Electric rust removal

What you need:

- A power source: for example, a battery charger.

- Wire (copper or iron).

- Steel plates, grilles or bars, they must be of pure steel, not galvanized.

- A bucket that is large enough to immerse the object. Make sure that it does not conduct electricity!

- Soda (about half a tablespoon per gallon of water, depending on the amount of rust, you can use less or more.)

- Water (cold).

How to do it:

- Fill the bowl or bucket with water and dissolve the right amount of soda (see above). You can also dissolve the soda in some warm water and add the cold water and mix well.

- Place the plates, bars or grills on both sides of the bucket, and interconnect them and the plus (+) of the power source.

- Connect the object to be cleaned with the minus (-) and hang it in the bin.

- Turn on the power source. Make sure that when your using an battery charger the meter will not be at the maximum, but rather somewhere between 0 and 5. Otherwise you will short the battery and that is certainly not something you want to do.

- Have patience .... This may take several days, depending on the power source and amount of water.

- Rinse the item thoroughly with clean water and brush or sand the last remnants of rust off. Grease or paint it with Hammerite again to prevent rusting.



HG has various means to remove rust, see HG rust remover.




Small rusted objects can also be cleaned by putting them in coke (the drinkable stuff, not the white powder :p ), really works!


Large objects can be cleaned using sand blasting. You blast the object with an abrasive at high pressure sanding the corrosion of the object.

Manual Removal

Rust can also manually removed with a wire brush.

Preventing rust from reappearing

Rusting can be prevented by painting with Hammerite.

Muscle (en)

Muscle is a chemical sink unclogger, which gets good results.

Rustyco rust solvent

The text below is from the site of the manufaturer:

RUSTYCO ® RUST-SOLVENT is a unique rust remover. It removes all rust from all joints and cracks, pore-deep, from steel, stainless steel and most ferrous metals, without having to resort to blasting or sanding. It is not a converter. Gives metal a greyish anti-corrosion layer on a surface that has been microscopically cleaned; the ideal base for primers and paints. 
Treat your metal as if it were new. RUSTYCO ® is a high-grade concentrate, soluble in water and economical, especially for large objects. One litre of RUSTYCO ® is enough for a powerful 20-litre rust-removing dip that can be reused, until it has turned dark/black in colour.

RUSTYCO ® does not affect the base material. It is safe to use. It does not damage varnish, plastic, wood, rubber, vinyl, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, glass, chromium, etc.
The product does not produce any noxious fumes, is non-toxic, non-combustible, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

First, remove any loose rust, dirt, grease and oil.
Prepare a solution in water, e.g. in a plastic bucket or container.
Add 50 ml (= 5 caps) of RUSTYCO ® per litre of water.
Add more RUSTYCO ® for high levels of rust.
This will also prolong the life of the solution. Fully submerge the object in the rust-removing dip (at least 30 minutes). You may need 72 hours to remove high levels of rust. Take the objects out of the solution on a regular basis, brush off any loose rust and rinse with water. This will advance and speed up the process. 
By heating up the solution (up to a maximum of 65oC), all rust will disappear very quickly.
Submerge for another 5 minutes and leave to dry in order to give the object a temporary anti-corrosion layer after the process.
It is now ready for further treatment.

Use RUSTYCO ®-GEL to remove rust from objects that cannot be submerged.

For more information, see Rustyco

hg rust remover

HG rust oxidation and others (spots) remover:

Removes rust stains from oxidation e.a:

ceramic tiles
marble and other stone

Does not contain acids and is therefore completely safe for:

concrete block
calcareous stone

For more information, see : HG rust remover

Sink unblocker

Old-fashioned plunger

Sometimes an old-fashioned plunger is enough to unclog a drain. Place it on the drain to unclog and move it up and down. The suction will loosen the dirt due to the force of the suction.


If this does not help you can take a handful of baking soda and dissolved it in 3 liters of boiling water and pour it down the drain.

Soda & Vinegar

A handful of soda and some vinegar directly into the drain and then rinsing it after a few minutes with hot water helps in more difficult cases.

Coffee sediment

Coffee sediment makes fat liquid, making it an excellent unclogger!


Muscle is a liquid chemical unblocker, that works well and helps prevent odors.

HG liquid drain unblocker

HG liquid drain unblocker is also a Chemical unblocker and also works against unpleasant odors.

plumber's snake

With an plumber's snake you can often remove more stubborn dirt. These are available in any hardware store.

drain king

The drain king blows himself up and closes the pipe, after which he fills the pipe with water and uses the pressure built up to remove the clogging material. Click here for drain king

HG Liquid Drain Unblocker

HG Liquid Drain Unblocker


- Safe usage
- Ready to use
- As HG Liquid Drain Unblocker is ready for use and does not have to be diluted, there is a much smaller chance of splashes.
- HG Liquid Drain Unblocker does not foam or splash when poured into the drain. There is no danger of making the blockages worse, as can be the case with powder or granular products.
- HG Liquid Drain Unblocker is thorough and effective. Plastic pipes are of course unaffected. Safe to use with septic tanks. For extremely stubborn blockages caused by food remnants and grease we recommend HG Kitchen Drain Unblocker.
- Removes nasty smelling odor.


Carefully pour 300 ml of HG liquid drain unblocker in the blocked drain. Wait about 30 minutes for the substance to work and rinse thoroughly with cold water. With stubborn blockages rinse through first and then again afterwards with hot water. If this fails to clear the blockages, repeat the operation or leave the product to work overnight. Unpleasant odours from sink holes can be effectively got rid of with a few drops of HG liquid drain unblocker.