Sink unblocker

Old-fashioned plunger

Sometimes an old-fashioned plunger is enough to unclog a drain. Place it on the drain to unclog and move it up and down. The suction will loosen the dirt due to the force of the suction.


If this does not help you can take a handful of baking soda and dissolved it in 3 liters of boiling water and pour it down the drain.

Soda & Vinegar

A handful of soda and some vinegar directly into the drain and then rinsing it after a few minutes with hot water helps in more difficult cases.

Coffee sediment

Coffee sediment makes fat liquid, making it an excellent unclogger!


Muscle is a liquid chemical unblocker, that works well and helps prevent odors.

HG liquid drain unblocker

HG liquid drain unblocker is also a Chemical unblocker and also works against unpleasant odors.

plumber's snake

With an plumber's snake you can often remove more stubborn dirt. These are available in any hardware store.

drain king

The drain king blows himself up and closes the pipe, after which he fills the pipe with water and uses the pressure built up to remove the clogging material. Click here for drain king